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Medicine reactor MARS for neutron-capture therapy

The Objective

Creation of the safe and cheep source of neutrons for radiation therapy of malignant neoplasms and installed directly in clinic. The Reactor Facility MARS is intended for the oncology patients treatment by the neutron-collision, neutron- capture and combined therapy. Capacity of the facility is up to 500 men in a year.

The Specific Features of the Project

Economical appeal.
No complicate equipment
Manufacturing at the factory
Outlet beam of the Facility has the parameters both for the neutron and neutron-capture therapy.
Parameters of the Facility are set to reach the maximal effective therapy.

Field of application

The Facility is intended for installation and operation in the oncology clinic.
The Facility is aimed for treatment of malignant neoplasms of the brain, soft tissues, thyroid gland and skin.

Advantages of the Project

The Facility is the pioneer work designed specially for installation in clinic.
The approved engineering and technology solutions prevent risk in manufacturing of the Facility.
The parameters of the Facility are the best nowadays.
The price of the Facility is obtainable for a customer.

Ways of Commercializing

Selling of the Facility operation time.
Leasing of the Facility for 3-7 years.
Direct selling.

Fig. 1. Overview of the Reactor Facility MARS

The main characteristics of the Facility MARS

1. Installation of the Facility directly in the oncology clinic.

2. The outlet beam of the Facility may be used for therapy of the different malignant neoplasms.

3. The Facility operates for the treatment period only.

4. Extra-small power (not more than 10 kW)

5. Designed lifetime in the start-stop mode without refueling is not less than 20 years.

6. Inherent safety due to the negative feedback, no boiling and high pressure in the circuits.

7. Small overall size of the Facility (2.5 2.5 3.0 m).

8. Usability.

9. The approved technology and conventional fuel are used.

10. Assembling at the plant-manufacturer.

Fig.2 Design of the Reactor Facility MARS

The main technical characteristics of the Reactor Facility MARS
Name Value
Power 10 kW
Charge of U237 kg
Enrichment of 235U17%
Number of FA400
3 circuit cooling system
Primary circuit:
coolant temperature at the core inlet 240
the primary circuit pressure 0.11 P
heating in the core 2.50
Parameters of the neutron beam for neutron-capture therapy:
density of the neutron flux at the collimator outlet 2*109 n/m2/s
current-to-neutron flux density ratio 0.77
dose of fast neutrons-to-epithermal neutrons flux density ratio<2*10-13 Gy*m2
gamma dose of neutrons-to-epithermal neutrons flux density ratio <2*10-13 Gy*m2

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